Dr. Glenda Corstorphine

A Description of Therapy Practices

Dr. Glenda Corstorphine offers psychoanalysis, an intense form of psychotherapy, providing long-term and short-term services to individuals who are searching for relief from troubling feelings and behaviors, looking for more meaning in their lives and seeking more loving, fulfilling relationships. With over 20 years of experience in both direct therapy and teaching, she specializes in treating depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder.
Dr. Corstorphine’s contemporary psychoanalytic approach utilizes “in the moment” analysis of symptoms and relational patterns. Because of the positive dynamic of self awareness in this relationship, individuals who were once stuck can become self motivated and progress to a quality of life and success not known before.

With a history of supervising interns and advanced therapists, Dr. Corstorphine emphasizes cutting edge techniques for clinicians seeking to move toward growth and change in their work with patients. Her influence extends to interns whom she guides toward licensure. Dr. Corstorphine teaches master’s level and doctoral students including psychoanalysts in training.